Getting started with Athena SWAN

Applying for an Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award involves more than two years of preparation, data collection and analysis. This resource provides a guideline to help our Charter Members get started with their Athena SWAN application.

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SAGE Pilot Materials

Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award Handbook

Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award Application Form

What is the SAGE Pilot?

What is Athena SWAN?


Working towards an Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award involves participation in a series of activities, workshops, events and milestones for which SAGE provides support. Key events on the timeline include:

  • An institutional site visit by a SAGE representative at the commencement of your involvement in September
  • Participation in four workshops over two years, in February and August
  • Quarterly Regional Network meetings
  • The SAGE Symposium, held annually in June
  • A pre-submission consultation with SAGE
  • Participation of selected institutional representatives on peer review panels for assessment of submissions, held annually in March (commencing 2018)

Guidelines for how to get started

First steps: role of key contacts and institutional site visit
Forming your Self-Assessment Team (SAT)
Data collection
Action planning
Role of Vice Chancellor/Director and institutional leadership
After submission