2017 Symposium

The SAGE 2017 Symposium focused on practical solutions for implementing change in the STEMM sector. This included bringing experts together to identify mechanisms to address the barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women or those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; sharing views and inputs to support best practices for on the ground action; and continuing the dialogue on national policy enablers to support continuous improvement through measurement.

The plenary session featured keynote speakers Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Professor Alan Duffy, and June Oscar AO, setting the scene for the importance of equity, diversity and inclusivity in the STEMM higher education and research sector.

Sessions on ‘Changing Culture from Within’, ‘Value in Equality: Innovation, Productivity, Success…’, ‘Empowerment for All’, and ‘Collective Action’ featured speakers from the higher education and research sectors, as well as industry, government, and the inclusion and diversity sector. Sessions comprised of short presentations from each speaker, followed by a facilitated panel discussion and Q&A.

SAGE Symposium 2017 – What members said:

“Focus group sessions to ‘brainstorm’ ideas/overcome challenges”
“It would have been wonderful to rally the huge knowledge pool in the audience to share their experience, perhaps applied to some of the challenges.”
“It was an amazingly inclusive symposium with fantastic speakers who really brought in thoughtful, meaningful perspective.”