2018 Symposium

SAGE Symposium 2018 – From members, For members

Wednesday 5 December 2018, Realm Hotel, Canberra

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SAGE’s 2018 Symposium program came directly from ideas and contributions from SAGE members – the Symposium Committee of Volunteers from the SAGE Regional Network Meetings.

A response to members’ feedback from last year’s Symposium – “Ask SAGE members what they want to be covered in the symposium” – its another example of the spirit of our membership – a reflection of the Athena SWAN principles of collaboration and sharing of ideas for the common good.

From members, For members, was an all-day Symposium closed forum for the SAGE membership to discuss respective approaches, what worked well on their SAGE journey and what didn’t. Members will brainstorm ideas for intractable challenges – fixing systems, not women and not people – they will focus their attention on the future: implementation that delivers progress and impact, and also take a deeper dive into intersectionality.

Held at the Realm Hotel in Canberra, the Symposium brought together the broad network of SAGE membership for a full day of networking and brain storming – providing a key opportunity to share and discuss practices, both in Athena SWAN process and in setting up to advance gender equity and diversity.

The 2018 SAGE Symposium consolidated members’ insights, lessons learnt and best practices in a resource guide to be published on the SAGE website and shared with SAGE members.

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