SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN in Australia: Call for Applications

Over a two-year period, up to 20 universities, medical research institutes and publicly funded research agencies will be selected to participate in the SAGE Pilot. The Pilot will commence in August 2015 and require participants to collect, analyse and present data on gender equity policies and practices in STEM departments, as well as identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Participants will work towards an Athena SWAN Award at the Institutional Bronze level, which is a mandatory requirement for future Silver and Gold awards at the institutional and departmental levels.

**Call for applications are now closed for STEM institutions to participate in the SAGE Pilot.**

Call for Applications

Applications to participate in the Pilot are due on Monday the 20th of July 2015. Applications must be submitted with a letter of support from the institution’s VC, Director or equivalent (see Appendix B) as well as the completed application form detailing the institution’s existing gender equity policies and programs (Appendix C).

Participation in the Pilot includes two elements:
1. Data collection and analysis of gender equity policies and procedures
Pilot participants will be required to nominate a senior STEM researcher to lead a gender-balanced team to collect, analyse and present institutional data about existing gender equity policies and practices, as well as identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. Pilot participants will also be required to attend ongoing workshops and other activities to prepare their data, which will be assessed in fulfilment of an Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award. The final submission will be completed in August 2017, and then subject to peer-review in late 2017. Institutions that are successful will receive their awards in early 2018. Awards are valid for four years, and are subject to annual administration fees.

2. Independent review of the Pilot
Pilot participants will additionally undergo interviews and other activities providing feedback on their experience of undertaking the SAGE Pilot, in order to better adapt materials and further improve the administration of Athena SWAN in Australia.


Applications will be competitively judged in order to obtain a wide range of institutional types and sizes, to test the implementation of Athena SWAN in Australia. To become involved in the SAGE Pilot, applications require a letter from the VC, Director or equivalent (Appendix B, below) and a summary of the institution’s existing gender equity policies (Appendix C). Further details about how to apply, fees and deadlines are found in the the SAGE Call for Applications to Participate in the Pilot of Athena SWAN in Australia. For further information, see:

  • Appendix A Athena SWAN Awards. Summary of the how the Athena SWAN Bronze, Silver and Gold Institutional Awards will operate in Australia, as well as discussion of departmental awards for the future and how awards may be renewed
  • Appendix B Institutional Letter Template. Template for a letter signed by CV/Director or equivalent demonstrating institutional commitment of personnel and resources required to participate in the SAGE Pilot, as well as acknowledgement that the institution will work to demonstrate its commitment to the 10 Athena SWAN Principles (detailed below)
  • Appendix C Institutional Application Form. Template nominating a senior STEM researcher to lead a gender-balanced team to collate data an analysis in fulfilment of the institution’s submission for Athena SWAN accreditation. The template also requires an overview of the institution’s gender statistics, existing gender equity policies and programs, and a checklist of requirements.

Please also view our FAQs page for help completing the application.


In order to participate in the SAGE Pilot, there is an annual cost for each of the two years of the Pilot. The fees are tiered for small, medium and large organisations. The Australian Academy of Science is overseeing the SAGE Pilot from 2015 to August 2017, after which time a new independent body will take over the administration of the Athena SWAN Charter in Australia in perpetuity. Annual fees may apply for subsequent years beyond the Pilot, to retain membership and accreditation with Athena SWAN under the new governing body.

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If your institution would like to participate in the SAGE Pilot, please get in contact with the SAGE Project Manager, Dr Zuleyka Zevallos.


Frequently Asked Questions from the 2015 Call for Applications

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