Episode 12: How to Athena Swan (Part 1: Self-assessment team and discovery)

If you haven’t been directly involved in Athena Swan at your organisation, you might be wondering: what does it actually take to get an Athena Swan Award? How is joining SAGE any different from taking part in other gender equity programs?

To answer these questions, we speak to returning guest Dr Lucie Joschko, Manager, Staff Equity and Diversity at Monash University.

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Episode 11: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Athena Swan

In the Australian adaptation of Athena Swan, institutions must address the specific inequities and injustices experienced by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff and students.

In the eleventh episode of the podcast, we spoke with Professor Braden Hill and Chanelle Van den Berg about the importance of the SAGE and Athena Swan approach to removing structural barriers for Indigenous peoples.

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Episode 9: University of Southern Queensland Vice-Chancellor, Geraldine Mackenzie

Among Australian universities, the University of Southern Queensland is one of only two that have had two female vice-chancellors in a row. It looks like the university’s efforts to improve gender equity are paying off.

“We now have over 50% of our senior staff roles filled by women but we were at 33%, five years ago,” said Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie in this episode of the SAGE podcast, Think Difference.

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Episode 8: Equity at the top and bottom

While a number of Australian higher education and research sector organisations have started their journey towards gender equity, gender imbalance at senior leadership levels remains a challenge to overcome.

In this episode of Think Difference, guest host Liz Foschia from the Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) spoke with two medical research institutes and SAGE subscribers who are working to reverse that trend.

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Episode 7: SAGE Ltd Inaugural Chair Libby Lyons

Inaugural Chair of SAGE Ltd, Libby Lyons

As the Director of Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), Libby Lyons has been on a mission to improve gender equality.

That mission is set to continue with Libby recently taking on the role of the inaugural Chair of SAGE Limited.

In this final episode of the SAGE Think Difference podcast for 2020, Libby shares her first impressions a few months into the new role.

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