Is SAGE its own entity or is it linked to the UK?

The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), a unit of Advance HE, is the owner of the intellectual property rights to the Athena Swan Charter. These include the accreditation framework and trade mark “Athena Swan”.

SAGE administers under licence the Athena Swan framework, and so accreditation awards conferred under SAGE will be branded as “Athena Swan” awards.

Can my institution join SAGE?
What does being a SAGE subscriber mean?

To become a SAGE subscriber, institutions must agree to:

  • commit to the 10 principles of Athena Swan Charter,
  • pay an annual subscription fee, and
  • prepare and submit an application for accreditation in accordance with the SAGE Programme Guidelines.

Please see ‘SAGE is accepting new subscribers – apply now‘.

How much are SAGE subscription fees?

Annual subscription fees are set according to the following scale:

Institutional revenue Annual fee (excl. GST)
> $850 million $30,000
$450–$850 million $25,000
$250–$450 million $20,000
$150–$250 million $18,000
$50–$150 million $16,000
$20–$50 million $13,000
< $20 million $7,000
What is the Athena Swan accreditation framework?
I'm a SAGE subscriber and have a question about the application/workshops/symposium/peer review process/regional network meetings...

You can log in to the Members Portal to access all materials relating to:

  • SAGE program guidelines and processes (including peer review)
  • SAGE workshop materials
  • FAQs related specifically to applications for SAGE accreditation
  • dates of SAGE activities
  • resources developed by SAGE and/or shared by SAGE subscribers.

Please contact the SAGE team at sage@sciencegenderequity.org.au if you:

  • cannot find the answers you need on the Portal,
  • have difficulty accessing the Portal, or
  • would like to know the dates of upcoming regional network meetings.
When were the first Bronze Awards announced?

Cohort 1 recipients of the inaugural Bronze Awards were announced on 5 December 2018 at the inaugural SAGE Awards Gala Dinner. Applicants were notified of the outcome of their Bronze Award application in September 2018, with the media announcement coinciding with the conferral of the Awards.

Another round of awards were conferred in February 2020. Please see the event page for a photo gallery of the SAGE 2020 Awards Dinner on 20 February 2020. You can also view the media announcements from September 2019 (Cohort 2 Bronze Awardees) and February 2020 (Cohorts 2 and 3).

I have experienced discrimination in my workplace. Can I make a complaint to SAGE?

While all employers have a responsibility to make sure that their employees are treated fairly, SAGE cannot act on any complaints outside its remit (piloting of Athena Swan accreditation), including all matters associated with employment. Resolution and/or complaints about workplace matters can be addressed directly with the supervisor and/or employer; where this may not be preferred/possible, complaints can be directed to either the Australian Human Rights Commission or the Fair Work Ombudsman.

How do I provide feedback or make a complaint about SAGE services?

SAGE welcomes feedback from subscribers and stakeholders. We are committed to resolving any issues or complaints raised by SAGE subscribers about SAGE services.

To submit your feedback or complaint, please contact the Chief Executive Officer by emailing sage@sciencegenderequity.org.au.

How can I support the SAGE program?

If you are interesting in supporting SAGE, please contact the Chief Executive Officer by emailing sage@sciencegenderequity.org.au.

You can also support SAGE by subscribing to our newsletters, attending SAGE events and following our activities on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you belong to a SAGE subscriber institution and would like to contribute to their SAGE journey, please get in touch directly with the person(s) managing the SAGE Athena Swan initiative at your institution. You may find their contact details on your institution’s Athena Swan website.