Women in Science at the National Press Club

Professor Nalini Joshi, SAGE Co-Chair, will be part of the Future of Science: Women panel discussion at the National Press Club on 30 March 2016. She is joined by Professor Tanya Monro, University of South Australia Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) who, like Professor Joshi, is also a SAGE Sponsor through their ARC Georgina Sweet Laureate Fellowships; and Professor Emma Johnston, Head of the Applied Marine and Estuarine Ecology Lab at The University of New South Wales.

Long gone are the days when Australian women scientists were forced to resign as soon they were married. But women are still seriously underrepresented in the sciences in Australia, and it gets worse the further up the ranks you look: in some disciplines, women comprise only one-fifth of senior positions.

So what are the barriers to women’s participation and how do they differ from those in other sectors? How do we overcome them in the current political context? And what does it mean for the future of Australian science if we don’t?

The Australian Academy of Science has worked with the National Press Club to put together a lunch-time panel discussion with three leading scientists and role models who are working hard to stop the science brain drain that is forcing out some of Australia’s best minds.

  • What: ‘The Future of Science: Women’ panel discussion with Professor Nalini Joshi FAA, Professor Tanya Monro FAA, and Professor Emma Johnston.
  • When: Arrive at 11.30am, lunch at noon Wednesday, 30 March 2016
  • Where: National Press Club of Australia, 16 National Circuit, Canberra
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