ABC News talent diversity workshop

Last December, ABC News held a talent diversity workshop in Sydney inviting key women and minorities in all industries to attend to bring their expertise and input to the table to ultimately result in better and stronger representation of women experts on ABC media in all fields – including STEMM. Dr Wafa El-Adhami attended the workshop for SAGE.

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In February this year key recommendations and action points from the workshop were presented to ABC news executive and won their endorsement to proceed.

Further and future actions

The ABC News team driving this initiative reported further and future actions including:

  • Continue to build a new shared database of experts
  • Assign interview producers to work with industry networks in key industries to find new diverse talent, which they plan to repeat quarterly
  • Support ABC reporters to build stronger and more collaborative relationships with industry networks through regular events and discussions, including outside Sydney

Diverse representation and enthusiasm

The team has also committed to develop new guidance for programs on how best to engage and work with talent, for example, providing clear briefs and talking points, testing a phased entry approach to ABC News platforms, and providing greater support around social media.

The team also said that they appreciated the diverse representation at the workshop and enthusiasm from everyone.