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Intersectionality Walk with structural change

Developed by the SAGE ACT Regional Network, the Intersectionality Walk is an educational package for understanding how various identity characteristics compound disadvantage. In the Walk, participants assume realistic, multifaceted personas in simulated work-based scenarios.

The Walk and its impact on participants is described in the 2021 paper “Seeing and overcoming the complexities of intersectionality“, published by members of the ACT Regional Network.

To learn more about the Walk or to facilitate one at your organisation, download the resources below:

  1. Briefing Video, ~4 min
  2. Intersectionality Walk Slide Deck
  3. Intersectionality Walk Pack, as a PDF or Word document
  4. Virtual Walk tracker, as an add-on option to use with the Intersectionality Walk Pack.

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PNG image of the infographic "All hands on deck: Inclusive hiring for COVID-19". Click image or link above to download the infographic as a PDF file.

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