Call for applications to join the SAGE Pilot in 2016

business woman filling out a formThe SAGE Pilot is calling for applications from up to eight institutions among universities, medical research institutes, and publicly funded research agencies to join the SAGE Pilot in 2016. Successful applicants will join 32 participating institutions as members of the SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN in Australia.

Successful applicants will commence work as part of the Pilot in September 2016, and undertake to work towards an Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award.

The call for applications is now closed.


SAGE is a partnership between the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering to address the under-representation of women in STEMM. In November 2014, the Academy of Science held the SAGE Forum, where 140 STEMM leaders and policy representatives from around Australia discussed the issues affecting the low retention of women in senior roles. The SAGE Forum recommended that SAGE run a pilot of the Athena SWAN Charter, which has been running for over 10 years. The Athena SWAN Charter has been highly effective in advancing and sustaining gender equity change. Vice Chancellors and Directors of research institutes attest to the positive organisational impact of Athena SWAN in increasing the promotion of women and improving the scientific excellence of their institutions.

Athena SWAN is underpinned by 10 principles. The Athena SWAN Awards require institutions to engage in a systematic collection and analysis of data on their gender equity outcomes, policies and programs, as well as propose a four-year action plan to address gender equity issues arising from this analysis. Institutions present this information in an application for a Bronze Institutional Award, which recognises that the institution has a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff.

In May 2015, SAGE issued its first call for applications for institutions to join the SAGE Pilot. Following an overwhelming response, 32 institutions joined the SAGE Pilot, including over half of the higher education sector (25 universities), five medical research institutes and two government research agencies. In September 2015, the SAGE Pilot was launched at Parliament House.

Jenny Martin at SAGE Launch

Institutions participating in the SAGE Pilot are provided training by SAGE to support their gender equity and diversity work towards an Athena SWAN Award. This includes biannual workshops, an annual Symposium, resources, webinars and other ongoing engagement.

Joining the SAGE Pilot

Participation in the SAGE Pilot requires institutions to:

  1. Sign on to the Athena SWAN Charter acknowledging the institution’s commitment to uphold its ten principles
  2. Pay an annual fee, tiered for small, medium and large institutions, to contribute to administration of the Pilot
  3. Commit to undertaking work toward applying for an Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award with preparation beginning September 2016 and submission in January 2019
  4. Nominate staff to participate in peer-review Athena SWAN accreditation panels in 2018 and 2019
  5. Provide information for evaluation of the outcomes of the Pilot through interviews and other activities.

Read more on what is involved in the SAGE Pilot, Athena SWAN and in applying for a Bronze Institutional Award.


Applications to join the SAGE Pilot will be independently judged in order to ensure a balance of institutional types and sizes, level of commitment to the Athena SWAN Charter principles as evidenced in the submission, and the institution’s ability to successfully engage in the Pilot based on its current gender equity activities.

Applications must be submitted with a letter of support from the head of the institution (Vice Chancellor, Director or equivalent), a completed Application Form detailing the institution’s existing gender workforce composition, and gender equity policies and programs, and supplementary material demonstrating existing policies and programs.

Background and detailed instructions for compiling the application are provided in the SAGE Pilot Call for Applications Handbook. Applicants should follow the format provided in the Institutional Application.

Download the SAGE Pilot Call for Applications Institutional Application 2016 (Word document)

Download the SAGE Pilot Call for Applications Handbook 2016 (pdf document)

The Call for Applications is now closed.

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If your institution would like to participate in the SAGE Pilot, please get in contact with SAGE Project Manager Dr Zuleyka Zevallos.