SAGE Leadership Update

It’s a new stage in the SAGE Pilot as we welcome exciting changes in the SAGE Steering Committee. Professor Brian Schmidt has stepped down from his role as SAGE Co-Chair due to increased commitments as he prepares to take up his post as Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University on 1 January 2016. We congratulate Professor Schmidt on his new role leading one of Australia’s largest universities.

Along with SAGE Co-Chair Professor Nalini Joshi, whose determination and wisdom has driven SAGE since its inception, Professor Schmidt has also been instrumental in supporting the SAGE Forum in November 2014 and the implementation of the SAGE Pilot.

Professor Schmidt remains a member of the SAGE Steering Committee and he will be integral to the development of the SAGE Pilot moving forward. We sincerely thank Professor Schmidt for his leadership in the early stages of SAGE and look forward to his continued contributions.

Susan Pond
Dr Susan Pond

Professor Nalini Joshi remains as SAGE Co-Chair. She is joined by our incoming Co-Chair Dr Susan Pond. Dr Pond is Interim Chief Operating Officer and Adjunct Professor in Sustainability at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Furthermore, Dr Pond is Vice President of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), a partner in the SAGE Initiative alongside the Australian Academy of Science. Dr Pond is also a Board member of Engineering Sydney and Biotron Ltd.

Dr Pond’s medical and scientific expertise, along with her business experience, will bolster the development of the SAGE Pilot, as we continue to promote the benefits of gender equity to the STEMM sector and beyond.

Dr Pond says that the SAGE Pilot will drive innovation in Australia:

Gender equality is a business imperative for all organisations, both public and private. In order to make progress, we need to change organisational systems, rather than change women.