2016 Symposium

The inaugural SAGE Symposium was held at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney on Friday, 24 June 2016.  

Our most sincere thanks to our speakers and sponsors for their invaluable contribution to a successful event.  

For more information on the Symposium, download a copy of the Program or watch the broadcast videos of the day.  And check out the photo gallery of highlights below.


Tim Adrian Leigh   Emma and Andrew      Ita     laughing cool delegates   catriona   jenny martin

happy crowd   Elizabeth Broderick     hip delegates      outside crowd   John Carroll   elizabeth s

mel   anja 2     outside crowd3   beautiful delegate      peter koopman   question from audience

andrew and tim   outside crowd 3     suzanne oreilly   smiling girls walking      marilys   louise

alan finkel real   terry and maryanne   kay    happy diverse audience      lovely Emma     alan finkel

smiling right at the camera   kimberley and mel   mary   smiling audience outside       david ruebain 1     childcare lady

question from audience 2  Leigh and the lemur    taking a pic    looking cold      Adi Paterson     Helen from Bond Uni