Athena SWAN Workshop on Data and Analysis

Athena SWAN Workshop on Data and Analysis

The first of our bi-annual Athena SWAN training workshops for SAGE Pilot participants will be delivered in February 2016. Athena SWAN is a gender equity and diversity evaluation and accreditation process developed in the UK in 2005. The SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN in Australia represents the first country to adopt this process outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The SAGE Pilot includes 32 STEMM institutions who are the inaugural Athena SWAN Charter members in Australia. The Vice Chancellors and Directors of these 32 institutions have signed to uphold the 10 Athena SWAN principles that form the basis of the Athena SWAN Charter. The aim of the Charter is to address the structural barriers that stop different groups of women as well as other underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential in academia.

Charter members represent over half of the higher education sector in Australia, along with a further five medical research institutes and two publicly funded research agencies. These institutions will work towards a Bronze Athena SWAN Institutional Application, demonstrating evidence that their institutions have the capacity to eliminate gender bias and to create an inclusive culture for all.

The February workshop focuses on data collection and analysis requirements for their award application, as well as highlighting examples of best practice from the UK. Around 90% of the higher education sector belongs to the UK Athena SWAN Charter.

A member of the UK Athena SWAN Team, James Lush, will be assisting SAGE Project Manager, Dr Zuleyka Zevallos, to deliver the workshop across six cities around Australia.

The workshop activities will assist members to reflect on how they might collect and analyse gender equity data for their Athena SWAN applications, as well as how to better address information gaps when evaluating gender equity issues within their institutions. Institutions can nominate up to 10 representatives to attend our workshops.

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