Episode 12: How to Athena Swan (Part 1: Self-assessment team and discovery)

If you haven’t been directly involved in Athena Swan at your organisation, you might be wondering: what does it actually take to get an Athena Swan Award? How is joining SAGE any different from taking part in other gender equity programs?

To answer these questions, we speak to returning guest Dr Lucie Joschko, Manager, Staff Equity and Diversity at Monash University.

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Episode 1: Dads are parents too

A smiling man holds his infant daughter.
Ben Knott and his daughter Evie, who featured in the first episode of Think Difference.

SAGE is launching a new podcast, Think Difference! On this show, SAGE subscribers will share stories and good practice from their Athena Swan journeys.

Listen to learnings and insights on gender equity, diversity and inclusion in Australian higher education and research.

In the first episode, we explore why many men still feel uncomfortable taking parental leave. Monash University tells us about their initiatives to shift this culture. You’ll also hear from two fathers, one starting his primary carer’s leave and one reflecting back on the experience.

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