Webinar: Creating a safer online environment for staff and students

Please read the following details carefully as the registration and joining instructions are different from previous SAGE webinars.

Woman sitting in front of a laptop, taking notes during a video conference with three other women.

In this webinar, the eSafety Commissioner will share content from their Training for university support staff and Workplace harms packages to help SAGE subscribers create a safer online environment for their staff and students.

The training aims to:

  • provide an overview of the key functions of the eSafety Commissioner
  • identify strategies to assist those impacted by adult cyber abuse, image-based abuse and technology-facilitated abuse
  • provide guidance on how to prevent, prepare and respond to online safety incidents using the Toolkit for Universities
  • give an overview of the Women In The Spotlight (WITS) program which provides training and resources to raise awareness about gendered online abuse
  • highlight Safe Work Australia online workplace safety guidance, codesigned with eSafety
  • share eSafety resources to support staff wellbeing.

This training aligns with our collective action approach to preventing and responding to sexual harassment, as agreed upon at the SAGE Key Leaders’ Roundtable.


Thursday 14 October 2021, 12 to 1 pm AEDT

Who can attend

Any staff member or student at a SAGE subscriber institution, provided they are at least 18 years old.



How to register

Joining the webinar

To ensure your live webinar event runs smoothly, please ensure the following:

  • Check with your IT department to ensure you can access the GoToWebinar platform. 
  • Ensure participants all register individually so they can participate on a PC/laptop.
  • Use Google Chrome.
  • Have audio on your computer/device turned on and up.

Recording and slides

  • This webinar will not be recorded.
  • Participants are not permitted to record eSafety webinars.
  • The eSafety Commissioner does not record or provide copies of the slides due to the distribution rights of the images purchased for this webinar.
  • They also do not share the slides as the information is constantly changing and they update their slides accordingly.


For enquiries about the webinar, email sage@sciencegenderequity.org.au.

Stamping out sexual harassment and sexism at Geoscience Australia through Listen and Learn sessions

Dr James Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia, models inclusive leadership in action by stamping out workplace sexual harassment and sexism. This came into focus following a Champions of Change report that found 54% of women in STEM contemplated leaving their careers to due to sexual harassment.

Taking personal action to drive change from the bottom up, Dr Johnson says gender equity is “not a peripheral objective for our organisation, but a strategic priority that is integral to our science and impact”.

CEO Listen and Learn sessions

Dr Johnson invited all people at Geoscience Australia to attend CEO Listen and Learn sessions, to speak openly about their lived experiences of sexual harassment and sexism. A safe and supportive environment was cultivated through offering small groups, women-only sessions and ensuring all sessions were facilitated by a psychologist.

To include voices of people who were uncomfortable or unable to attend, an anonymous survey and “Ask James” email were deployed.

Acting on the data

Dr Johnson stated that the findings were “confronting”, with 15% of participants reporting experiences of workplace sexual harassment or sexism, 95% of which were unreported. On International Women’s Day 2021, Dr Johnson delivered a video message to the organisation articulating his commitment to stamp out sexual harassment and sexism.

Acting on the feedback from these sessions, he promised to deliver a Sexual Harassment and Sexism Policy and Procedure, unambiguously identifying these behaviours and that they would not be tolerated, in addition to improved resources for reporting, employee support and mandatory training.

Looking to the future

Geoscience Australia will be launching their Sexual Harassment and Sexism Policy and Procedure in July 2021, which has already been recognised among other Australian Public Service agencies as a model for better practice. A new Sexual Harassment and Sexism Hotline and training resources will be launched in the second half of 2021.

“I am focused on making a safe, equal and inclusive workplace, and I am excited by the progress that we are already making to improve gender equity,” says Dr Johnson, “but I am acutely aware that there is much more to be done and each of us must take responsibility we have for ensuring the safety and equal treatment of all of our colleagues.”

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