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SAGE Key Leaders’ Roundtable on Sexual Harassment 25 February 2021

The National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces found that sexual harassment is still rife in Australian workplaces, and the higher education and research (HER) sector is no exception. The resulting Respect@Work report (2020) highlighted that  performance incentives, such as the SAGE Athena Swan Awards, can help create a respectful workplace culture that discourages sexual harassment.

Seizing this opportunity to drive urgent, sector-wide action against sexual harassment, SAGE collaborated with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins to convene a Roundtable on Sexual Harassment.

The Roundtable’s purpose was to advise SAGE on a practical, collaborative approach to incorporate Respect@Work’s recommendations in the SAGE accreditation pathways.

Co-hosted by Libby Lyons (Director, Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Chair of SAGE Ltd Board) and Commissioner Jenkins, the Roundtable brought together senior leaders, advocates and stakeholders from across the HER sector.

Read more about the Roundtable and SAGE’s work on preventing and responding to sexual harassment:

Preview page from briefing paper for SAGE Roundtable on Sexual Harassment
Briefing paper for SAGE Roundtable on Sexual Harassment: Mapping SAGE Athena Swan questions to current best practice and reporting requirements [PDF 328 kB]

Posted on 29 March 2021 • Updated 6 April 2021